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11/26 (Monday), at 2:00 p.m. – Compliance the construction and infrastructure market, with Emerson Melo of KPMG. 

A revolution has taken place in the last years in the construction and infrastructure market and the terms and concepts about how compliance and conformity became part of the day-to-day of those companies that act with public and private works in Brazil and abroad. Good behavior practices and compliance became mandatory to obtain credit and for the construction of partnerships and alliances in agreements. The purpose of this panel is to explain the concept and discuss the good practices that building companies and suppliers of solutions for the infrastructure are adopting to guarantee a healthier and larger market, with equal competition conditions.

3:00 p.m. – Debate

3:30 p.m. – Closing

About the speaker: Emerson Melo


Emerson Melo is a partner of Compliance KPMG in Brazil. He is graduated in Economy Sciences by PUC/SP with more than 14 years of experience in Governance, Internal Audit, Risks and Compliance in a number of projects in Brazil and abroad. Emerson Melo is also accountable for the internal and external capacitation and training process and takes part in several conferences, seminars and courses as instructor. He acts as instructor in programs of capacitation of executives of KPMG such as “Risk University” and “Compliance Certification Program”.


  • Global for subjects referring to the Regulatory Compliance in KPMG Brazil.
  • Commission of Permanent Studies of Compliance of IASP.
  • Anticorruption Work Group of Rede Brasil of the United Nation Organization Global Pact.


  • Co-author of Practical Guide of Prevention to Corruption of Alliance for Integrity and the UN.
  • Co-author of Compliance Book of IBGC – Compliance in the Light of Corporate Governance
  • Responsible and technical leader of Maturity Research of Compliance in Brazil since 2015.
  • KPMG Ethic Line – Manager in an integrated way the suspicions of fraud or the behavior deviations
  • Foresight – A global perspective about infrastructure – special issue March 2017.
  • Helping Brazil to accelerate the investments in infrastructure.
  • Law 13.303/16 – Law of State Companies.
  • ISO 37001 – Standard about anti-bribe management systems.
  • Law No. 6.112/2018 – Enforceability to implement the Integrity Program – DF Law No. 7.753/2017 – Enforceability to implement the Integrity Program - RJ.

11/27 (Tuesday), at 2:00 p.m. – Scenarios for the Infrastructure, concessions and the Public-Private Partnerships in Brazil,  with Renan Fernandes Facchinatto, of Dal Pozzo Lawers.

The PPPs and e Concessions became fundamental instruments for the construction and operation of infrastructure enterprises in Brazil. As result of the budget constraint scenario of the public power, the Public-Private Partnerships already are a reality in our country. The purpose of this session is to present and explain what the PPPs and Concessions are, in what sectors they are and can be used and how the private initiative, investors, building companies, equipment suppliers, service rendering and solutions in general, can be a part of this new market.  

15:00 – Debate

15:30 – Closing

 About the speaker: Renan Fernandes Facchinatto 


 “APMG International / World Bank Certified PPP Professional”. Master in Administrative Law in the Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP). Expert in Infrastructure Law by the Law  School of Getulio Vargas Foundation (GVLaw -SP). Expert in Civil Process Law by the General Coordination of Specialization, Improvement and Extension of the Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP). Participant-listener of the course of Master’s Degree in Public Policies of Economy School of Getúlio Vargas Foundation (GVLaw -SP). Lawyer and Legal Manager in the Advisory and Administrative Litigation Department in Dal Pozzo. Member of the Special Commission on Infrastructure Law of Federal Council of the Brazilian Lawyers Order, of the Infrastructure Legal Studies Brazilian Institute (IBEJI) and of Law and Business Ethics Brazilian Institute (IBDEE).

Main Individual and Collective Publications:

  •  Anti-corruption Law – Notes about Law nº 12.846/13 (in co-authoring with Antonio Araldo Ferraz Dal Pozzo, Augusto Neves Dal Pozzo, Beatriz Neves Dal Pozzo), Editora Contracorrente, 2ª edition, 2015.
  •   The Regulatory Agencies and the Concession of Basic Sanitation Public Service (in co-authoring with Augusto Neves Dal Pozzo and Percival José Bariani Junior). In: Treaty of the Regulatory Mark for Basic Sanitation in Brazilian Law (collective work under the coordination of Augusto Neves Dal Pozzo, José Roberto Pimenta Oliveira and Rodrigo de Pinho Bertoccelli), Editora Contracorrente, 2017
  • The vision of the Account Court of São Paulo State – TCESP – about the bidding models and concession agreements for the provision of public services for the supply of drinking water and sanitary sewage. In: Brazilian Infrastrucre Magazine, Editora Fórum, volume 08, 2015.
  • Modifications to the legal regimes of Public-Private Partnerships and the educational sector – Promotion of investments and reduction of risks for  the Private Initiative (in co-authoring with Augusto Neves Dal Pozzo). In: Brazilian Infrastructure Magazine, Editora Fórum, volume 04, 2013.


11/28 (Wednesday), at 2:00 p.m. – The search of the efficiency and the productivity in construction and infrastructure, with Helcio Bueno, partner of EY.

15:00 – Debate

15:30 – Closing


 Helcio Bueno 


11/29 (Thursday), at 2:00 p.m. – – CONSTRUCTION 4.0: What is and the scenarios for the digitalization in the construction industry and the impacts for the equipment market, with Ingo Glawe, of Porsche Consulting

The digitalization of the work and the construction sectors will cause a revolution in the sector in its entirety. All members of the involved chains will have to understand the new scenarios with their opportunities and threats. Predictions warn that all process will have to be reviewed and digitalized, and this is a great opportunity for the increase of the efficiency and the projects costs management.

15:00 – Debate

15:30 – Closing

About the speaker: Ingo Glawe


Ingo Glawe is Partner and works for 7 years in Porsche Consulting, where he has worked in a number of projects in Europe, USA and Latin America. During the 19 years of professional experience, he has worked in several industries, with focus in logistic processes optimization (lean logistics), strategy and operations design, among other themes. Ingo is graduated in administration, with MBA in Projects Management and continuing education in strategy implementation for results. 

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