Data Protection Policy

Messe Muenchen do Brasil Feiras Ltda thanks for the visit to our website and for your interest in our company and products. Data protection for us is a very serious business. Therefore we want users to feel secure when they visit our website.
To protect the users’ privacy is extremely important to us. Therefore, Messe Muenchen do Brasil Feiras Ltda is aware of its compliance with Brazilian legislation as far as data protection and privacy are concerned. Our employees are being constantly trained in matters of personal data protection and safety and are required to maintain the confidentiality of the information held by the company.
Next, we want to show how we protect the visitors’ and users’ personal data of our website.

1- Who is responsible for the protection of personal data in Messe Muenchen do Brasil Feiras Ltda?
Rafael Rinaldi, Marketing Manager
e-mail address:
Commercial address: 1752 Avenida Francisco Matarazzo, Conjuntos
Zip Code 05001-200
Telephone: +55 (11) 3868-6350

2- What are personal data? How do we protect such data?
Personal data are information referring to an identified or unidentified natural person. The set of information that permit the identification of a person is also considered as a personal datum. All the access information that we collect for our website such as name, e-mail address, residential address and telephone number, for example, are included in the personal data concept.
Messe Muenchen do Brasil Feiras Ltda just stores the users’ data in certain situations, such as to save the login information, request of agreement or inscription in our newsletter. The data are exclusively used within the limits of the provided consent, respecting the legally established purposes.
So that, the personal data transmission is made in a safe way, Messe Muenchen do Brasil Feiras Ltda uses encryption procedures in the site’s private areas, what means that the communication between the visitor’s browser and our internal system is a private one and cannot be accessed by third parties online.
When you access our site, we receive access data that are treated due to safety reasons. These data permit the identification:

  • Of the online service provider;
  • Of the visitor’s origin country;
  • Of the site by which the visitor has accessed our portal;
  • Of the search term used, in case the access has been made through a search mechanism;
  • Messe Muenchen do Brasil Feiras Ltda sites that have been visited by the user;
  • The navigation tool that has been used to access our site;
  • The files that have been downloaded from our portal;
  • The duration of the visit;
  • The date and time of the access.

3. What do we do with your personal data?
The personal data do not receive uniform treatment, varying according to the user’s activity on our site.
We point out that at any time the consent provided for the operations that involve personal data can be removed by the user. For this purpose, it is necessary that the user expresses his/her intention to remove his/her personal data and, as a result, we will exclude the applicant’s data.
3.1. Site navigation or contact request
Messe Muenchen do Brasil Feiras Ltda handles the visitors’ data of our portal, such as the IP address, so that we can map the content displayed on our site, thus improving our reach as an online company. The collected data are evaluated, allowing us to optimize our offers and make a more specific content for each and every user. This way, we are able to recognize those recurring visitors and offer them a content that is directed to their preferences. The IP addresses of computers from which the user had access will only be stored for a period of one month, so that we can have a backup of those visitors’ data.
For the navigation on our site, it is not necessary to run language encryption tools such as JavaScript.
If the visitor fills one of our forms, we will collect the available data in order do contact him/her.
The personal data collection for the site’s essential services operation and for communication through the portal is restricted to our legitimate interest. Those data that exceed the described purposes in the portal operations will not be neither collected nor processed by Messe Muenchen do Brasil Feiras Ltda.
We use internet service providers to manage our site, so we transfer personal information from users to those providers, who are contractually obliged to maintain the confidentiality taken by Messe Muenchen do Brasil Feiras Ltda as it refers to the users’ and visitors’ information.
The personal data will only be transmitted to third parties, in addition to the aforementioned situation, in the event of a requirement by state authorities of state entities, by means of an order that establishes that the information should be transferred for reasons of legal or judicial obligation.
3.2 Online tickets purchase and register as a visitor, buyer or exhibitor
Through our portal, it is possible to buy tickets for trade fairs or congresses. In this case, we perform operations with the personal data that are provided by the buyer, according to the order form. With this process we are able to prepare, execute and establish the contact with the users. The user’s registration is necessary for his/her participation in the events that are promoted by Messe Muenchen do Brasil Feiras Ltda.
In this sense, Messe Muenchen do Brasil Feiras Ltda operates the personal data processing in accordance with our commercial and business objectives. The practice of information processing is a necessary one so that we are able to organize the exhibitions, being restricted, in this regard, according to the Brazilian legislation.
Those users who make their registration as visitors, buyers or exhibitors in trade fairs will have their data processed according to the information that is provided at the time of registration. The data processing, again, is restricted to those acts that are necessary for the contract preparation and elaboration.
The users’ personal data can be processed with the following objectives:

  • Tickets purchase and sale for those events of Messe Muenchen do Brasil Feiras Ltda;
  • Redemption of coupons and tickets and access to virtual tickets;
  • Redemption of future tickets “with just a click”;
  • Delivery and payment for other offers of Messe Muenchen do Brasil Feiras Ltda;
  • Review of visitor status for some buyers, because certain events are reserved for specific audiences only;
  • Opinion and market surveys;
  • Frauds and abuses prevention;
  • The users’ personal information update;
  • The collected data are linked to each and every client in an individual manner. Such a link occurs based on the supplied e-mail address.

3.3 Online application
The visitors of our site are able to apply for a job by means of our register on the applicants’ platform. The data that are supplied in this act are processed with the purpose to prepare an eventual employment contract.
The personal data resulting from the application will be stored for a longer period than those data that are obtained automatically, with the candidate’s consent. Of course, the consensus can be revoked at any time.
Such data can be transmitted by Messe Muenchen do Brasil Feiras Ltda to other Messe group owned companies, as well as to other internet providers, according the aforementioned terms.
3.4 Cookies
Cookies are micro files of text, used by most sites automatically generated when a user visits an address. They are stored in the user’s hard disk in an automatic way by our server. Nevertheless, cookies do not contain personal data and can only be accessed by us. The users can disable the cookies in their own navigators, as the access to our site is not conditioned to the use of cookies. However, we point out that the act can restrict certain functionalities of the content conveyed on our portal.
4. For how long are the personal data stored?
The personal data are deleted when the storage purpose is no longer necessary, according to the aforementioned delimiting objectives.
5. The user’s rights
According to the Brazilian laws referring to the data protection, the user’s rights are:

  • Not to have his/her data processed without the operator’s legitimate interest;
  • Revocation of his/her consent for those operations that involve his/her personal data at any time, with no need whatsoever of justification;
  • Request to delete or correct his/her data, if they are incomplete or incorrect;
  • Request for limitations in the process of his/her personal data.

6. Doubts and communication
In order to solve any doubts arising from the personal data processing, we offer a communication portal with the user, by which it is possible to get in contact with the person who is responsible for the personal data protection in our services. See item 1.